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Retail Strip Pressure Washing in honolulu

Honolulu Retail Strip Pressure Washing

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Honolulu Pressure Washing & Cleaning provides superior retail strip pressure washing service to the City and County of Honolulu. We work with companies of all types and budget levels and provide packages tailor-made to suit the needs of their company. If you have oiled building exteriors or have not had this service provided in sometime, we have the solutions you need to look your best.

Routine Maintenance Packages

The key to maximizing the beauty of your retail strip is with a planned routine for regular washing. Be sure to check out our impressive packages for this very purpose. We offer service for weekly, bi-weekly, quarterly or monthly cleaning services designed to suit your budget and needs perfectly.

After Hour Service

We provide our superior retail strip pressure washing services after hours so that our work will never interfere with yours.


We provide prices for our retail strip pressure washing services that are based on the exact scope and details of the project at hand. We include the square feet, level of cleanliness, and number of water sources and the frequency of your service in mind when we calculate our prices. Granted, you will find cheaper services in the area. But, you will never find a pressure cleaning service that offers the same level of cleaning for the price we provide. Our competitive prices represent the extraordinary value we provide to retail strip washing.

Service Options

There are innumerable pressure cleaning services that do little more than splash some water around and ask for a paycheck. But, these are not the results you are looking for if you want to improve the conditions of your commercial location. We take tremendous pride in our work and always find a way to exceed the expectations of our clients.

We offer a wide variety of pressure washing services based on the levels of cleanliness and work you need. Here are a few you can consider:

Hot Water Deep Clean

Tannin Stain Removal

Hot Water Rinse

Cold Water Rinse

Bubble Gum Removal & Hot Water Rinse

Rust Stain Removal

Grease Stain Removal

No matter what you are looking for, you will find that Honolulu Pressure Washing & Cleaning have the skills, knowledge and equipment to deliver results that exceed your expectations.



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