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What to Know About Commercial Building Washing in Honolulu

Looking for an immaculate building wash? Do you prefer experienced professionals? Do you need dramatic results?

Then look no further than Honolulu Pressure Washing & Cleaning and Give us a CALL NOW!

Our professional services are the last word in building washing in Honolulu. We have the experience to address all types of building exteriors including stucco, brick, aggregate, tilt-wall construction and many more. If you have neglected the cleaning of your building and think it will never be restored to its original beauty, have no fear. Call us for the ideal wash service for you.

The Price

The first question we are asked after people inquire about our reputable services is typically “Yes, but how much does all this cost?” It is a simple question, but the answer is not always so readily applied. It is not as easy to give a quote for a building washing as it would be for a parking lot or sidewalk washing.

This is because commercial buildings are all different sizes and shapes and also require a different cleaning depending on the materials and level of filth. If you are looking to have your commercial building fully restored, you will need a professional to show up on site to provide an inspection. Items that affect the price of a building include height, type, material, linear feet and more.

The Estimate

All factors must be considered when providing you with your estimate. We begin by taking a look at the building from Google Earth and measuring the linear feet and studying the type of materials used. Next we will head over to the building itself and evaluate the conditions of the materials and the other factors that will affect the work. Once we have examined all this information and calculated the cost we will submit our formal estimate.

The Demo

You will find many different companies offering pressure washing services. It is quite possible that they don’t have the skills, equipment or experience to take on this particularly intricate task. But, if you have any doubts, we offer a Free Demo for all clients that would like to see for themselves before actually paying for the entire service. This will prove that we are the real deal and the last word when it comes to building washing in Dallas-Fort Worth.

The Wash

Once you have seen our proposal and witnessed the extraordinary results from a Free Demo, we will come out to show you what we can do for you. We have a variety of special techniques and cleaning agents that we cannot wait to apply to fully restore the conditions of your commercial building. We are the leading providers of professional building washing and we will not be outdone by any other business in Honolulu.



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